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Opening a cafe: Checklist

Opening a cafe may seem easy at first, but there are certain things you need to check for the business to be successful. Remember almost every corner of each city, has a cafe. Therefore, you have to be strategic and ensure you have all it takes to have a flourishing business. Here is a checklist you should use when opening your cafe.

  1. Location

The first thing to do when you want to open a restaurant is to select a good location. The best place to set up a cafe is on a busy street, and of course, the premises should be at the front of the building. When a food and beverage business is located in a strategic place, most passersby are likely to notice and pop in for some meal.

  1. Check out competition

After selecting a location, it is paramount also to view other cafes operating in the same area. Do determine what strategies they use, as well as their menu. Having such information will enable you to design your menu uniquely and to find better ways of enhancing your services.

  1. Draft a Business Plan

Since you have some vital details regarding your business, draft a business plan that will act as a guide for you to follow. The business plan can also be used to approach potential investors. The business plan should entail tentative costing for the cafe set up, goals, products you want to sell and your target customers.

  1. Menu

Most cafes offer light meals such as salads, sandwiches, tea, coffee, burgers, and cakes. It is also advisable to ask for people’s opinions before deciding on the menu. As for the tea and coffee, obtain the best raw materials because people have become enlightened and will only go for the best. Preparing good coffee and tea will keep your customers coming back for more. Also, ensure that whatever meals or drinks you put on the menu are unique and attract the culture of the locals. Also, consider the size of your kitchen because a small one is likely to limit your menu. However, work towards having a variety of different foods and drinks and learn to work with the size of your kitchen for maximum profits.

  1. Registration and authorization

Starting a business without registration with the right authorities is impossible. Depending on the location of the cafe, you need licenses for operation. Each state has different requirements before any business is set up within the jurisdiction. Therefore, you should learn about what is required to avoid conflicting with the authority.

  1. Equipment

The next step is to purchase the equipment you will need to run the cafe effectively. Buying all the stuff can be expensive, so you have to be ready to incur massive costs. In a Cafe the most important equipment is the coffee machine, make sure you buy good quality coffee equipment. We recommend cafe owners to buy the Rocket Appartamento from Qavashop due to its amazing design and performance. Some of the other things you will need include:

  • Toasters
  • Sandwich makers
  • Coffee makers
  • Industrial blenders
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Cookers
  • Shelves
  • Tables and chairs
  • Security cameras
  1. Painting and branding

You should also paint your premises with your favorite colors. The colors should be selected carefully because they should represent your brand. Also, decorate the room in attractive designs. With this process, you can engage the services of a professional interior décor person who will help you select colors that blend well with your brand.

  1. Hire trained employees

The key to the success of any service providing business is reliable employees. In a cafe, the employees have to interact with the clients. One lousy employee could make your customers not come back. Thus, you could even hire employees and get a professional to train them on public relations. The chefs should also be skilled to ensure that they prepare tasty meals and drinks.

  1. Launch your cafe

You can choose to do a small opening ceremony with a few family members and friends. Better still, you could have a grand opening and cook special meals and offer discounts to any customer who pops into the restaurant. You could even choose to provide free sample meals to give your potential customers a feel of how your meals will be.

  1. Create awareness

You should then embark on a thorough marketing strategy to create awareness about your cafe and the unique recipes you are offering. In the beginning, you can give discounts to attract as many clients as possible. Also, aim at retaining each customer who sets foot into your premises. You can keep them by having cool music playing in the background, or you can choose music that resonates with your customer’s culture. Maintain hygiene and offer quality meals. Marketing can be done via social media through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

In summary, a cafe is a business like any other, so that you don’t miss out on any detail, it is advisable to have a checklist. Some of the things you should consider before setting up a cafe are: selecting a strategic location, research on your competitors, draft a business plan, and most importantly buy the necessary equipment. Your employees should be skilled enough to cook good meals. Also, ensure to market your brand extensively through Facebook and Instagram.