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How to Become a Barista with No Experience

Are you thinking of working as a barista and have no experience? Well, you are in the right place. Here, you will find some excellent tips that will prepare you for your first barista job. These tips will also help you gain confidence to apply for a barista job. However, you need to learn a few things about coffee which will help you resume stand out among the rest. It will increase your chances of being hired. Behind the success of every coffee shop are excellent baristas. Majority of the coffee shop owners prefer training their baristas once they are newly appointed. It is a great way to ensure that the taste of the coffee is maintained throughout.

  1. Readiness to learn

Despite not knowing anything about being a barista, your willingness and enthusiasm to learn is what will earn you the barista position. Coffee shop employers are ready to hire you as a barista who displays this attribute. Willingness to learn indicates that you can be trained hopefully in the shortest amount of time. Coffee shop owners are sometimes willing to forego an individual who has adequate experience as a barista and instead pick one who is ready to learn.

  1. Love for coffee

As a barista, you will have to take significant amounts of coffee throughout the day. Part of your job as a barista is calibrating the beans every morning. You also have to adjust the temperature of the grinder blades as they can affect the quality of the coffee grind. Eventually, you have to taste all the different brews until you achieve the required quality. Additionally, you could try various brewing methods to help you learn more about coffee. Your love for coffee will keep you going and help you stand out.

  1. Attention to detail

Working as a barista will require you to pay attention to the tiniest details. For you to produce the finest espresso shot, you have to fine tune your equipment. How you adjust your grinder, control the flow of water and milk, and other minor details determine the quality of your coffee. Not only will your coffee look good but also taste great. This will help you make an excellent cup of coffee for all your customers.

  1. Availability

Being hired as a barista is dependent on your availability to work at odd hours. Some coffee shops require you to start serving coffee as early as five in the morning. Sometimes you may have to work over the weekend and for longer hours than usual. It is therefore crucial for you to have a flexible schedule, willingness to wake up early and leave late.

  1. Excellent customer service

As a barista, your job is to provide services to customers directly. Sometimes you will come across customers who are cranky especially in the morning before they have their regular dose of caffeine. Dealing with such customers can be overwhelming at times. As a result, you need a lot of patience as a barista. Always remember that a smile will increase the chances of retaining your customers. Moreover, have a positive attitude at all times.

  1. Practice making coffee at home

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Head to eBay to find yourself a cheap espresso machine that you can use for training. With YouTube, you can learn all the barista tricks there is to know. This is a much cheaper and convenient option compared to signing up for expensive coffee courses. Additionally, you will get to learn the different terminologies used by baristas when referring to various types of coffee.

  1. Honesty

Working as a barista means that you will be collecting money from many customers. Your employer expects you to be dependable and honest enough to give all the earnings. Also, you are not expected to give away free cups of coffee and snacks to your friends. During your interview, provide honest answers to increase your chances of being hired as a barista with no experience. Your honesty will translate to being trustworthy.

  1. Look for job openings

When looking for a job as a barista, you need to network with people in this industry. Begin by attending coffee events in your local area to expose yourself. Talk to other barista and coffee shop owners to know about them more. Do not forget to let them know you a little bit. If they are hiring, you will stand a better position of being picked a familiar person.