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How food dehydrator works

A dehydrator machine, also known as food dehydrator, is a gadget that is used to remove moisture from food. The aim of removing moisture from food is to help in preservation. This food drying technique has been used for preserving fruits, animal proteins and vegetables even before the technology era. Thus, this food preservation method inspired the creation of the dehydrator machine.

The dehydrator machine uses a heat source, together with airflow to lessen the moisture content in food. Moisture content in food is typically very high, usually about 85-95% in vegetables and fruits, and roughly 50-75% for various animal meats. Getting rid of the moisture from food curbs bacteria growth, which would otherwise spoil the food. In addition, reducing moisture from food products drastically reduces their weight. Thus, a dehydrator machine is used to extend the shelf life of food, as well as reducing the weight of the food and thus the food that b preserved for long period of time.

The dehydrator machine requires heat from an energy source such as Biofuel, solar or electricity. The machine varies in size ranging from large-scale to homestead machines. A dehydrator machine consists of basic parts such as a fan, a heating element, and food trays for placing the food, and air vents, which allow air circulation. Therefore, all these components work simultaneously to dry the food. As the dehydrator’s heating component warms the food, and moisture is removed from its interior. The fan then blows the moist air out of the dehydrator machine through the vents. This process is continuous and can last for several hours. The food is considered dried substantially when the moisture content is below 20%. Thus, the dehydrator machine can remove more than 75% of moisture present in food.


A dehydrator machine can emit heat in excess of 150o c. When drying most foods, the dehydrator is set at 54o C. However, when drying meat, it is usually converted into jerky hence, a temperature higher than 68o C is required. Successful dehydration of food rest on the application of constant temperature and sufficient airflow. Temperatures that are too high can result in hardening of food. As a result, setting the right amount of temperature on the dehydrator machine is vital. you should always be very certain about the amount of temperature on the dehydrator machine.

A dehydrator machine has extra advantages. One is increasing food flavor. Eliminating moisture from food creates naturally concentrated and delicious tasting food. Another advantage is efficiency in storage. Dried foods consume less space, and do not require extra refrigeration compared to the un dried foods.. Another advantage of using a dehydrator machine is cost saving. Organic dehydrated foods are usually very expensive. Hence, one can save a lot of money by drying food on your own. Also a dehydrator machine is time saving and it is very convinient.

Several factors have to be considered when purchasing the ideal dehydrator machine. One is capacity. Dehydrating food is a slow process. Thus, a high capacity dehydrator machine will save a lot of time when drying huge food amounts. Another factor to consider is consistency. When removing moisture from food, the dehydrator machine needs to dry it evenly. Thus, to ensure that food is dried consistently, one should buy a model with more trays so that food can be spaced. The last factor is on the issue of meat jerky. Meat is more susceptible to spoiling when compared to vegetables and fruits. Not all dehydrator machines can emit enough heat to turn meat into jerky. Thus, it is advisable to buy a dehydrator machine that is up to the task and which is the latest model in order to get the best experience with the machine

Dehydrator machines exist in numerous models. The top rated home dehydrator machines include Nesco snackmaster Pro, Excalibur Dehydrator Machine, Presto Dehydro Electric, Tribest Sedona Express Digital, NutriChef, Nesco gardenmaster and Hamilton beach dehydrator machines. These home dehydrator machines can cost as low as $55 to as high as $300. Industrial dehydrator machines also exist and can cost $1,000 and above. If one is looking for an effective was of storing food for longer, the dehydrator machine is the best option.